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Address No. 32-A, 36 & 38, Jalan IKS M6, Taman IKS Merdeka, 75350, Batu Berendam, Melaka, Malaysia

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Agroniche, Innovative Farming Solutions

Agroniche Sdn Bhd is one of the Malaysian Leading Agriculture companies, providing professional integrated agricultural solutions. We are Malaysian seed supplier and fertilizer distributors. We are specialised in a wide range of seeds, fertilisers, soils and some agricultural equipments. We provides free consultations, and we have been continuously searching for great products for our customers.

In our seed businesses, we undergo various trials and selects to pick great seeds for consumers. Our suppliers come across 19 great countries from the West America, to the East Japan. We supply various vegetable and fruit crops seeds for Malaysian commercial crops plantation giants, supplying the food consumer markets to the whole Malaysiar. Our brands are renown even among the world Agribusiness Giants. Our home garden customers love our quality products.

Our fertilizers businesses are backed by the world greatest fertilizer manufacturers, some with over hundreds years of history. We supply great fertilizers and our customer loves it. Our Australian Seasol, Seaweed Solution, has very fine quality that ranks No. 1 in the world. We are the strategic distributor of Italpollina, the world first and only manufacturer supplying 100% organic vegetable Amino Acids. Their great products are not limited to their vege amino acid based fertilizers, but also beneficial microbes (Mycorrhizae, bacillus, etc.).

Our Grogreen brand fertilizer provides world only highly concentrated NPK fertilizer with sticker and chelated trace elements in Gel / Jelly form! We also supply fine quality plant strengtheners that were invented behind deep plant studies and practical performances. These non-toxic consumer safe fertilizer provides the feature of crack prevention, drought or frozen crop protection, stem strength improvements, soil neutralising fertilizer, and etc. 

We supplies soil substrates, tray and other farming equipments as well. Above all, we promise a great farming experience!

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