Italpollina - Trainer

  • Italpollina - Trainer


TRAINER is a liquid organic fertilizer for foliar application based on 100% vegetal amino acids and peptides obtained from the innovative LISIVEG system. The combined presence of organic nitrogen and vegetal amino acids lets the formulated energetically active on the plant development, helping also the overcoming of climatic stress situations.

TRAINER is rapidly absorbed by leaves and translocated in plant tissue; within a few hours it can perform its function in the plant.

Features and Benefits of Trainer:

  • Antistress actions: It helps the plant during of any kind of stress (excessive heat and cold, drought, low light, hail damage, etc.).
  • Biostimulant action: It improves plant growth and supports plant growth, formation and fruit enlargement that maximize efficiency, inrease yield quantity, fruit size, quality, and sugar contents in fruits.
  • Nutritional Action: It is the ideal complement to the traditional fertilization to achieve high yield and quality results via biologically active substances (amino acids, vitamins ...) that can enhance photosynthesis and plant physiology.
  • Ability to mix with any fertilizers and chemical substances such as enhance even greater reaction performances.

  • 100% organic with 100% vegetal amino acids.


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