Italpollina - Tifi

  • Italpollina - Tifi


TIFI is a product composed of spores and mycelium of living mycorrhizal fungi not genetically modified. It contains Trichoderma atroviride (selected Italpollina strain). This strain differs from others for the great adaptability to environment and especially for the great reproducibility. This means a quicker action and a greater persistence, thanks to its ability to live in soils occupying the rhizosphere and colonizing the roots. It increases the natural resistance of plants against pathogenic fungi of soil and plants.

TIFI has a very good biostimulant and antistress action.

Features and Benefits of Tifi:

  • ​Very high concentration of inoculation.
  • Unique strain for great adaptability to soil and environmental conditions.
  • It increases plant resistance against pathogenic fungi.
  • It is a natural product, not genetically modified.
  • It has a wide action spectrum (no resistances).
  • It is easy to be used and its application is flexible.
  • Antistress action.
  • Biostimulant effect.

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