Grogreen Gel Fertilizer - CaB

  • Grogreen Gel Fertilizer - CaB
GL CAB: Calcium Boron
COLOR CODE: Light Green


Grogreen GL Fertilizer is the world first and only Gel type or Jelly-like fertilizer manufactured in Belgium. It is a high concentrated foliar fertilizer, comes in various formula for different crop stages.

Features and Benefits of Grogreen Water Soluble Fertiliser:

  • Highly concentrated Gel, comes in even better formula.

  • 100% readily dissolves even in cold water

  • Contains stickers to prevent nutrients from washing away.

  • Nutrients are chelated to easily penetrates into plant leaves wax and release nutrients in cells for absorption.

  • All elements were high in quality and purity, fully absorbed without losses, thus only small amount required, uses less frequently compared to competitors.

  • Each scoop of Gel contains evenly distributed nutrients formula.

  • Contains all trace elements required by plant and trees.

Grogreen GL CaB: Calcium Boron

Best for application in matured plant at end of flowering and throughout fruit stage. Enhances higher yield of fruits and better quality of crops. Provide great solution for lack of Calcium.

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